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I would recommend getting in there now with a sharp hoe and scrape off any dormant grass. Then pay attention this spring. As new growth begins and the grass.

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I would like to know how you can weed eat around a flower bed without getting grass in the bed. I have Bermuda and zoysia grass. It is a constant battle to keep the grass out even with solid borders. And if a twig of grass gets in the bed it will set runners and I have to hand pull. I have 3" of mulch but it doesn't stop the grass.

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Jan 19,  · When digging out Bermuda grass rhizomes, gardener David Stillwell put the soil through a screen to capture smaller rhizomes. and it’s easier to keep it out of your flower beds. Anita Dempsey on January 17 at pm I am an organic gardener and I have effectively killed Bermuda by stapling black plastic over it for two years.